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AccelKit is a concept to implement large systems in FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) from small standardized modules in order to accelerate all kinds of applications. Several tools, standard modules, and demo systems have already been implemented.


A specialized FPGA board with ethernet connection is under construction as a reconfigurable computing platform for AccelKit systems.


The technology of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) is applied to problems of financial engineering. Currently Monte Carlo algorithms are explored to be used for the pricing of derivatives. Depending on the application scenario a speedup of two orders of magnitude against software running on state of the art workstations can be achieved. This is one example of applying AccelKit modules to real world applications.

A language extension for SystemC along with a design methodology for describing and simulating dynamically reconfigurable hardware systems at all levels of abstraction.

The CollisionChip Project develops a FPGA-Accelerator-Hardware for collision detection in 3D simulation environments. CollisionChip is a project supported by the DFG. It is a cooperation of the Technische Informatik of the University of Bonn and the Computer Graphics Group of the University of Clausthal.


The Unified Hardware/Software Representation aims to be a model for representing object-oriented parallel systems independently of their implementation as hardware or software.